Want to Make a Stellar “About Us” Page for Your Tech Business? (Here’s How!)

Want to Make a Stellar “About Us” Page for Your Tech Business- (Here’s How!)

When you’re creating a website for your tech business, the About Us page can be tricky. Do you keep it simple and just put up a mission statement or do you tell people your life story?

Too often, small business owners just breeze by that About page, putting more focus on their other website content. But you might be surprised at just how much weight that page can carry with a visitor.

Creating a stellar About Us page for website doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher. If you’ve got a roadmap for what to include, it can be kind of fun to put together.

Keep reading for some great About Us page tips, plus a few awesome examples to inspire you.

What’s the Real Purpose of an About Us Page?

Some small business owners look at the About Us page as just another page in a template they need to put something in to complete their site. Others take full advantage of it, including photos and other inviting “get to know you” information that helps visitors really get a feel for the company and its owner.

While your About page is personal to your business, there are certain business-related things you want to include so you’re making the most of it and not wasting an opportunity for an assist in your lead conversions.

70% of consumers want to learn about a product or service through website content rather than ads.

So, what is the purpose of your About Us page?

Websites in general are like the oil in your marketing engine, something that’s vital to keeping things going. Your About page adds several benefits that come from telling your visitors a little more about you and your business.

Build Trust

The most important reason for your About Us page is to build trust. Consumers now research companies online first and foremost and the purpose is two-fold; to learn about their product/services/pricing, and to see if they trust them enough to do business with them.

Up to 80% of consumers first research a business online before deciding to visit them or buy from them.

Your About Us page should help build trust by allowing visitors to gain some insights into your company.

For example, if all your About Us page says is, “ACME Computer was founded in 2004 to provide expert repair services in the Denver area,” that’s not really a lot to inspire trust.

If you added something like, “We take pride in the work we do and are proud that 99% of our customers continue doing business with us year after year,” that not only gives visitors more insight, but also gives them a big reason to trust you.

Make Yourself/Your Company Relatable

An About Us page is also an opportunity to step off the “stage” of your professional marketing content and sit down and get to know your visitors by telling them something personal about you and/or your company.

If you make yourself and your business relatable on a personal level, that goes a long way towards making your IT shop the one someone remembers if they happen to be researching several.

Something as simple as, adding a photo of your dog Max with a note that “Max is our best customer greeter!” can instantly make your business more than just a “another company” to someone and bring an instant relatability that makes them want to do business with you.

If you’re a B2B business, the About Us page might be the only place you feel you can “let your hair down” and be a little more relatable and less “corporate speak.”

Share Your Origin Story

Everyone loves a story, and often the story of how your business began can be one that inspires confidence and trust in your company.

For example, this is where you can add all that experience you had in the corporate IT world, or information about degrees or certifications that you and your team may have earned.

Storytelling grabs the reader’s attention and personalizes your business to them in a way that your landing pages often can’t.

Brand Your Business

Your “voice” is a big part of branding your IT business and the About Us page is perfect for telling people exactly who you are and what you stand for.

Whether you have a “tongue in cheek” style, “friendly and professional” or anything in between, use your About Page to set the tone and voice of your company brand.


Your vision or mission statement are also things that can compliment your site, help visitors get to know you better, and reinforce your brand.

These tell people what you’re all about, what is your driving force, and can also include your company values, which will further help instill trust.

What Should We Include on Our About Us Page? (Template)

Looking at that blank About Us page can be daunting, but with some building blocks to help, you can begin to fill it in with the kind of information that will help you stand out to your customers.

Important: Be detailed, not generic.

How formal or informal you write your About Us page will of course depend upon your audience. If you do B2C only, then you may be a little more informal. If you do strictly corporate work, then you may not use as many informal colloquialisms.

Just still remember it’s a “get to know us” page, so it should be little less formal than your other website content and should be detailed about you and your business, rather than just generic.

If your About Us page could be copy/pasted onto someone else’s site without any edits needed, then it’s way too generic!

Here are some of the types of content blocks to consider adding:

  • Origin story
  • Degrees/certifications
  • Mission statement/vision
  • Big wins that you’ve had
  • Awards or press
  • Volunteer work/community support
  • Trust data (i.e. retention rate, years in business, etc.)
  • Photos of you/your team (make sure your photos look good!)
  • Types of customers you serve
  • Customer quote or testimonials
  • Things you specialize in (i.e. what sets you apart?)
  • Call to action (i.e. follow us on social, read our blog, sign up for newsletter, etc.)

You don’t have to include all those content blocks above, but that will give you an idea of the types of content to include for a strong About page.

About Us Page Template

Here is a general template that can help you craft your own About Us page. Don’t forget to add your brand voice to it!

Welcome! Would you like to learn a little more about (Company)?

(Company) was started by (founder) in (year) because of (industry need or driving force that lead you to start the company).

We serve (type of customers you serve).

It all began with (origin story).

We are proud to have (a big win you or a customer had, awards, etc.).

You may see us out in the community because (your community/volunteer work).

We believe that (your mission statement or vision).

It’s our (your specialty) that sets us apart.

(Trust numbers – customer retention, years in business, satisfaction rate, etc.)

Meet our team! (photos, adding captions to these is a nice touch)

Learn more about the (company) team by (call to action – follow us on social, read our blog, etc.)

Examples of Awesome About Us Pages

One of the best ways to polish up your own About Us page and take it from so-so to stellar, is to review some examples of great pages that other businesses have put together.

You shouldn’t make your page a cookie-cutter copy of someone else’s, but they will give you ideas for layout and items to include that can help you make a killer About Us page of your own.

We’ve taken a look online to bring you some of the best About Us pages in a variety of styles.


Tech Business About Us Page Tips

This About page from Magnify247.com is a great example of how you can include several key elements on your page and keep it visually appealing. This page checks several boxes, such as “get to know you,” what makes them stand out, welcoming photo, certifications, customers they serve, and more.


Example About Us Page

We love the strong visuals on Ideaware’s page, you immediately feel like you know more about their team and culture. Their page also includes a timeline (another cool feature to add) and plenty of trust data, like when they were founded, lines of code they’re written, even cups of coffee they’ve gone through!


About Us Pages for Technology Sites

If you want to take a master class in branding an About Us page, look no further than Canadian game studio Molecube. Their page (which is also the whole website) is completely unique and you get a feel for their fun, quirky personality as soon as you land on it. While it’s light on content, it makes up for it in brand promotion.


About Us page examples

This is an individual’s site but the originality and layout of JosephPayton.com make it a standout. This type of clean, original, friendly style could easily be translated to a B2B or B2C tech business site to add a little panache and personality.

Find more About Us page inspiration at:

Wear Your “About Us” Page Proudly

Think of your About Us page as the main part of your site that should be uniquely and perfectly you! Make it something your site wears proudly rather than an afterthought.

Do you have an About Us page you’d like to show off? Share in the comments!

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