Pro Tips for Using Structured Data to Boost Your Tech Site SEO

Google is continually evolving their search experience which keeps things interesting for us website owners trying to keep our pages ranked well. But while some changes create headaches, others offer excellent opportunities to capture more attention for your webpages.

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8 of the Best Ways to Use Google Analytics for Your Tech Business Website

For most tech businesses, their website is the main place they generate leads and new customers. So, knowing where people go when they’re browsing your site can help you improve poorly performing pages, find which calls to action work best, and identify where traffic is coming from.

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SEO “Low Hanging Fruit”: Simple Fixes for Your MSP Website that Can Have a Big Search Impact

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important website strategies to use if you want to have your MSP website found online by potential customers.

Unfortunately, you can’t just put your site up and expect it to naturally show up on page one or two in local area searches for “IT help” or “computer shops.” It takes some optimization on the back end to help it communicate better with Google’s search algorithms.

By using some simple SEO techniques that are considered “low hanging fruit,” you can have a significant positive impact on your search rankings without needing to spend days or weeks trying to code your site with meta tags. [Read more…]