• Added anytime you display your address in the header, it will link to your location on Google Maps when clicked.
  • Fixed issue with phantom commas appearing when a city, state, or zip was not filled out.


  • Added option to add open text in header area.  This is great if you’d like to add custom information like extra phone numbers or announcements.
  • Added “Coming Soon” functionality under Site Settings.


  • Fixed Featured Image box missing from Services Page
  • Added “Same As” schema markup to social buttons so that Google will recognize and display your associated social media accounts right in the Google search results.


  • Fixed anchor links bug in page builder.


  • Added ability to globally turn on/off post comments under Site Settings.
  • Added sticky header option in Visual Customizer that allows you to keep navigation menu “stuck” to the top of the page when scrolling down.
  • Updated icon library on services pages with full library of icons.


  • Added Visual Customizer for all front-end theme changes, learn more.


  • Added Custom SMTP option for improved email delivery, learn more.


  • Added Front end drag-and-drop page builder, learn more.
  • Updated Membership portal for easier account management.
  • Fixed Service box sizing issues on smaller screens.
  • Fixed Link color set for All Pages now also affects the Home page Welcome Message area.
  • Fixed Favicon issue.
  • Added Lock icon to icon list.


  • Added Instagram option to social media list on Business Info page.
  • Added option to move slider description box to desired location within each slider.
  • Added ability to hide slider on mobile (see Home Pages Settings screen in dashboard).
  • Fixed site icon issue where custom favicons weren’t showing in Chrome and IE.
  • Fixed service boxes are now flexible in height to allow for longer excerpts.
  • Added ability to hide Tech Site Builder link in footer. IT can be disabled on the Site Settings screen.
  • Fixed Captcha issues on default form.  Removed Captcha from default form and implemented background honeypot for SPAM prevention.
  • Added Terms and Conditions for using Tech Site Builder services.
  • Added Latest Videos box to TSB website dashboard.
  • Fixed SSL now applies to dashboard by default when logging in using TSB subdomain.  Example: will default to https://
  • Added  Stock photo library with over 100 photos and graphics for you to use in your TSB website! Learn more in our video tutorial: Using the Stock Photo Library.
  • Added Theme SEO box to Services and Testimonials editor.  Now every page on your website can be given unique Title and Description for SEO purposes.
  • Added Title Hover Color option in Style Settings > Advanced Style Settings > Home Page > Feature Boxes.
  • Fixed Custom icon hover color not applying properly in home page feature boxes.
  • Added box shadow option on Style Settings page.


  • Added site icon (favicon) upload in the Site Settings menu.
  • Fixed issue where contact form on homepage could not be hidden.
  • Added custom form creation with a new menu item called Forms. Instructional video: Tech Site Builder Tutorial: Custom Form Builder.
  • Added XML Sitemap page, which can be used for SEO purposes.  Sitemap is located at
  • Added CAPTCHA option to prevent SPAM on the default forms.  Can be turned off and on via the Site Settings menu.